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Current Employment
Planning and Land Use
The Cultural Landscape
All Projects - Open Tabs for Further Information
Plymouth State University
LNHP, National Park Service
Plymouth Planning Board
Representation & Space
Plymouth Historical Society
Landscape Tourism
Stuart Davis: Artist & Activist
Current Employment
Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH
  • Interdisciplinary work for both the Tourism, Environment, and Sustainable Societies cluster and the Justice and Security cluster.  Courses taught in Political Science, Geography, and Planning.
Lowell National Historical Park, NPS, partner
  • Ethnographic Overview and Assessment, PI
  • Completing a project for the Lowell National Historical Park through a cooperative agreement between the National Park Service and Plymouth State University.
  • Project Landing Page
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Planning and Land Use
Plymouth NH Planning Board
Lakes Region Planning Commission
The Cultural Landscape
Representation and Public Space: Then and Now
  • Explorations of the "Right to the City" and individual and collective representation in public spaces through activism, the arts, urban planning, and everyday practices of occupying and making meaning in our shared spaces. 
  • Take Tompkins Square Park in NYC as an example: What were the goals of building a beautiful park in a working class neighborhood of NYC in the 19th century? How did local residents occupy this space to demand better living conditions and access to their open space? Why did a wealthy philanthropist install a Temperance Fountain? How and why was the park redesigned? What happened in the late 20th century when homeless NYers took up residency in the park and the city pushed back? Why did the artist William Pope.L perform one of his early "crawls" near this storied place?   
  • Other research has explored the Lowell Public Art Collection, the role of Bloomberg Philanthropies in transforming our cities in the 21st century through such projects as Breathing Lights in the Capital Region of New York, and the broader intersection and often antagonism of inclusive development and creative placemaking.
Plymouth Historical Society
  • Board of Directors
  • Volunteer for the Plymouth Historical Society. This work provides the opportunity to connect our past and present understandings of place and to serve the community by helping to weave together stories from the documents, artifacts, and knowledge collected by the Historical Society.
  • Activities include event organizing, walking tours, historical talks, web admin, and more.
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Landscape Tourism
  • This work focuses on the history of landscape tourism from the 19th century through today with a focus on the transformation of the land into meaningful landscapes through visual representations, tourist infrastructure, and promotional practices, especially in New England.
  • Handmade foldout book with birch bark cover created for Museum of the White Mountains (Plymouth, NH) display. 
  • Guide to Landscape Interpretation: single page handout designed for coursework
  • Talk on the history of the Pemigewasset House in Plymouth for the Grand Hotels of the White Mountains exhibition organized by the Museum of the White Mountains (exhibition link). John also collaborated with students to create contributions to the exhibition and worked with museum staff to create interactive role-playing "keys" to guide visitors through the space, some examples of which can be seen here and here.
Stuart Davis: Artist Activist
  • This work explores how the artist Stuart Davis sought to reconstruct democratic life by aligning his work as an artist with his role as a political activist and organizer. A key element of this research is Davis's engagement with place and period conversations about nationalism and internationalism in politics and culture.
  • Research and publications on Stuart Davis:
Eliot Church, Back Central, Lowell, MA - home to the Eliot Day Center and Bryan Beyung's "Healing" mural